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Before buying a purebred puppy, there are some things
you should know. Because it might not be so cute.

Small, with that cuddly fur, big eyes and a wobbly walk. Whose heart
has not melted at the sight of a cute puppy? Practically everyone is willing to take one home.

But what almost no one knows is what happens
to puppies before some of them get to the pet shop window or kennel.

Often, it can go through a great deal of suffering. The little animals are subjected to ill-treatment,
harsh conditions that lead to disease, mental disorders - and many of them are even put to sleep or abandoned in the street.

Millions of dogs are sold
in this scheme every year in the world.

In Sao Paulo alone, more than 500,000 from illegal breeding.
There are 280 thousand dogs, male and female, kept in captivity for breeding.
Every year, more than 3 million are euthanized worldwide.

Source: humane society / pea

It might be that not all kennels and pet shops adopt these practices.

But, unfortunately, there are many who do, and you cannot know
the precise origin of the animals, or be knowledgeable
in the process of breeding and the care that is given to animals.

In this link you will find a list of places where you can adopt a dog.

And if you do not want to have a dog, help stop this evil: spread our campaign.

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